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Best walk thru on the floor

The best walk through attraction on the show floor was hats down Oak Island’s Scare Products full size haunted attraction. Oak Island Creative, who recently moved their headquarters to Louisville, built an entire haunted attraction to display their latest haunt props. You enter through a giant clown’s mouth into a claustrophobia tunnel and emerge into […]

Oak Island Creative builds life-sized haunted house

St. Louis, MO. (March 2016) – While the minds of most residents drift toward thoughts of spring, one organization is hard at work building a house meant to scare and chill all who step through its unusual entrance, shaped like an oversized clown mouth called “Tommy Tonsils.” This haunted attraction – like hundreds of others […]

Frightfully FREE Giveaway

Scare Products is having its first ever “Frightfully FREE Giveaway.” Like our new Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/scareproducts to be entered to win the Beeafraid beehive. It’s easy to do. Step 1: Visit facebook.com/scareproducts Step 2: Like our page Step 3: You’re done! However, if you want to better your chances of winning then use #beeafraid, like our posts, […]